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Marcinkowskiego 8 apartments

Bespoke interior design

Is the only right solution for such outstanding investment

Panda Studio design office

Designs matching customers' expectations

Panda Studio is able to create a synergy of theoretically diversified styles, creating unique projects. Its team shares its knowledge with customers and works with passion to achieve their expectations, thus coming up with exceptional, creative solutions. Panda Studio employs only carefully selected companies for finishing works. They all meet the high criteria of renovation of historic monument  buildings thus bringing them back to their former glory. The finishing works are carried out using top, cutting-edge materials, imported from all over the world. The Panda Studio team believes that every single project should reflect the personality and aspirations of the client for whom it’s created. Please see below their proposals of design prepared especially for this building.

Interior design team

Experts and artists at your disposal

The proof of the work is in its result. With regards to construction development, interior design is the element which mainly influences the final effect of conducted works. Having in mind the specific, historical character of Marcinkowskiego 8 we entrusted Panda Studio to design its interiors because they have huge experience in the design of both modern investments and the renovation of spectacular historic monument buildings.

Panda Studio’s expert team of interior designers are highly experienced in combining a very varied range of styles in order to create unique and attractive designs. The team consists of experienced architects, engineers, interior designers, artists and craftsmen, who share their knowledge and experience with clients and work with passion, resulting in outstanding, innovative solutions. Panda Studio only uses the services of specifically selected and highly trusted construction companies. They meet the high standards and criteria for the restoration of historical buildings and work with the latest and most fashionable finishing materials imported from around the world. The Panda Studio team believes that each customer has his own personality, which should be reflected in their particular project.

Their experience is at your disposal. If there is any interior design style which you consider, they have all the necessary skills, experience and creative attitude to make it happen.

For more details please go to Panda Studio Website.

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